Okashii posted on 2020-03-25T16:11:18.073000+00:00

Ok @everyone, I have decided to reduce the requirements for mogbasket participation. I realized the other day that the first announcement of totals was after the last day to begin participation which makes no sense.

So this iteration of the mogbasket, what I have decided to do is to cut the consecutive requirement out as well as reduce the required entries from 5 to 3. So you can get an equal share from participating 3 different days at any point over this event. A lot of people have met this requirement already, but I’m hoping more will before Saturday.

I do plan on having this event again at some point, probably with different rules and such. But for now please check out http://mogbasket.rain-ffxiv.com and participate! And consider pledging a donation to the basket as well! Thanks!

Okashii posted on 2020-03-19T23:39:23.882000+00:00

Alright @everyone! We’re going to try something we’ve never done before. I call it the Mog Basket! Info at http://mogbasket.rain-ffxiv.com. I’ve already put entries for the event in our calendar at http://calendar.rain-ffxiv.com.

Please, please take a close look at the information on that page! I want as much participation on this event as possible!!

Mog Basket Event: A simple daily activity, and if you do it 5 days in a row between now and march 28, you get an equal share in the mog basket

See the website for the full details! http://mogbasket.rain-ffxiv.com I want everyone on this Discord to make sure they read over that page. Many of us certainly have the time now. In general, it won’t take long anyways.


“Social Distancing” Let’s share how we’re doing while many of us are isolated!

Hey everyone. I was thinking about something we could all participate in together while many of us are staying at home. Isolation isn’t always the most fun thing in the world, and I was thinking it would be nice for us all to just share a little bit of our days with each other.

So, I did what I often do and made a spreadsheet (Andrew don’t you dare laugh). And on this spreadsheet, I’d like everyone to write something they did each day: Something fun you did or someone you talked to or called on the phone or how you felt etc. etc. etc. Just one thing per day. Obviously, it isn’t mandatory, but I’d like as much participation as possible!

Here’s the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mOcIaY7Y_K-4t7cl-QRrXaj8cHCd42WjUjIZudPGoNI/edit?usp=sharing

And this will go up on http://news.rain-ffxiv.com so you will be able to find it in case Discord goes down or slows down again. Maybe you should book the website 😉


Monsoon Bot Update(s)

Ok, I’ve finally worked on updating the Monsoon bot. I will be working more on the instructions for it in the near future, but you can see the preliminary instructions on the website under Information > Monsoon.

I simplified the code first of all.

But more importantly, multiple ‘elevated’ roles can now be assigned, and each one can have a separate list of roles that it grants permission for. If you have an elevated role, you will be able to assign/revoke its associated roles to/from other users.

Please be patient as there may be some bugs! I will work to ensure that if there are, they will get worked out.

If you are an Officer, go ahead and go to the (bot playground) channel and see what roles you can assign others by typing:


and go to the website http://www.rain-ffxiv.com/ and look for Monsoon under the Information tab to see how to assign and revoke roles.

Covid-19 Online Information Resources

There’s a lot of mixed information and mixed reactions on social media and even the news regarding covid-19, the novel coronavirus. So I wanted to share the information from the center of disease control (cdc) and the world health organization (who).

First, don’t panic! We should all take the virus seriously, but most of us I believe are fairly young and healthy. For most of us and most people in general, it’s about helping to not spread the virus mostly to protect more vulnerable people such as the elderly or those with “serious chronic medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, or lung disease.”

The cdc and the who lost cough, fever, and shortness of breath as the symptoms. I’d like to note that this does not mean having other symptoms in addition to these necessarily rules out covid-19. Some studies suggest for instance that it can also present with conjunctivitis (pink eye symptoms) and conjunctiva congestion (excessive eye gunk) but it’s less common of a symptom. Most cases seem to present with cough and fever and possible shortness of breath.

Dont panic, don’t buy out all the toilet paper and masks, just follow the cdc guidelines to help minimize your risk of exposure which will help lessen the spread. Hopefully, together we can curtail the spread enough that the virus does not enter our list of seasonally recurring viruses, but this can also help with keeping hospitals from being overwhelmed.

It’s probably best to get your information from these websites which list symptoms, discuss how to prepare and prevent *properly and responsibly*, and discuss what to do in the event you have symptoms:



Okashii posted on 2020-02-20T02:05:11.267000+00:00

So, I made some changes to the website. It’s mostly organizational + I added some links and stuff.
Mostly though… We now have a google form for submitting crafting requests. You fill out the form, I’ll get an email about it, and the discord channel crafting requests will be updated and ping the crafting/gathering requests role. There’s also a spreadsheet that will be updated. So this will help with keeping track of requests.

Okashii posted on 2020-02-18T23:23:37.186000+00:00

If anyone wants to craft any of the new stuff, I made a macro. I’m planning to keep http://crafting.rain-ffxiv.com current with at least the macros I am using. You don’t need any hq mats for this as long as you meet the requirements. You can sub out the tea for whatever tea you need. I don’t actually need any tea for this macro. Also, to try it out in-game, they added the rank viii artisan’s durable practice materials that you can craft. the mat for that (Apprentice’s practice materials) can be bought from a Eulmore vendor.