1.) “Safe for work” – Discord server and Company chat are SFW! There’s plenty of NSFW servers out there for any of u thirsty people to join. This is mostly referring to images, videos, links, and role play. I cannot police content to ensure that all participants are of legal age or consent to the content being shared, and I cannot guarantee that every member is 18+. Keeping the server SFW ensures that this is not necessary.

2.) Use of language – Discord and Company chat – I don’t care about language; just don’t use any slurs please!

3.) Respect – Please always show some respect for people. If there’s someone you do not like, then you do not have to interact with them, but you must respect them as human beings. Be careful of racism, sexism, and anti-LGBTQ+ language or actions as this will not be tolerated nor will any form of bullying. This Company and Discord are LGBT-friendly, and racism and sexism have no place here, so please also be wary of any jokes that toe the line guys and girls! I don’t want to see that god-forsaken attack helicopter trash meme for the 40th time.

4.) @everyone usage – Discord – please refrain from @(at) everyone. Use at-here or @ a specific role.

5.) Donations – In-game and Company specific, if you donate something to the Company please understand that that means you won’t be getting it back, so please do put some thought into it before donating! I’m reasonable but after a period I can’t be asked to remember that something was a donation or wasn’t!

6.) Kicking Bots – Discord officers – please don’t kick any useful bots if given the opportunity!

7.) Resolving/de-escalating conflicts – In general, try to de-escalate confrontations; it isn’t usually helpful, for instance, to yell back at someone who yells at you. Message @Okashii on discord or Okashii Kazegane in game for any grievances, and we can attempt to work it out together. That may mean we need an apology or two from either or both parties, or it may mean someone will need to be kicked. And I’m not afraid of either when it comes to it. If Okashii is unavailable at the time, then message an @officer.

8.) Edited messages – If you delete/edit a message, anyone who gets a notification of the original message will also see the unedited version. Some people on Discord use this feature to harass others. If there’s an issue, I will consider the unedited message.

9.) Sketchy Links/Content – Please do not post or link sketchy or illegal websites or content on the Discord server.

10.) Consent – Guys and gals, remember that consent is necessary. Please know what it means. It’s important that everyone understand about consent, that minors can never consent, and also about harassment in general. All of this applies to online interactions (including outside of the Discord server) as well as in-person interactions. ANY sexual harassment or sexual actions without consent will result in an immediate ban. Remember, the Rain Discord does not allow sexual material or actions, but this particular rule applies to all interactions anywhere.

Please review these videos:

11.) Anything not covered by these rules that I later decide I don’t like, I will give a warning for it and put in the rules. If it’s particularly egregious and obvious, I won’t just give a warning.

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