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Ok @everyone, I have decided to reduce the requirements for mogbasket participation. I realized the other day that the first announcement of totals was after the last day to begin participation which makes no sense.

So this iteration of the mogbasket, what I have decided to do is to cut the consecutive requirement out as well as reduce the required entries from 5 to 3. So you can get an equal share from participating 3 different days at any point over this event. A lot of people have met this requirement already, but I’m hoping more will before Saturday.

I do plan on having this event again at some point, probably with different rules and such. But for now please check out http://mogbasket.rain-ffxiv.com and participate! And consider pledging a donation to the basket as well! Thanks!

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description: The Mog Basket! Welcome to the page for the Mog Basket! This page will outline what the Mog Basket is, how to get a share of what’s in the basket, and where to donate to the basket to make to…
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