Okashii posted on 2020-03-19T23:39:23.882000+00:00

Alright everyone! We’re going to try something we’ve never done before. I call it the Mog Basket! Info at http://mogbasket.rain-ffxiv.com. I’ve already put entries for the event in our calendar at http://calendar.rain-ffxiv.com.

Please, please take a close look at the information on that page! I want as much participation on this event as possible!!

Mog Basket Event: A simple daily activity, and if you do it 5 days in a row between now and march 28, you get an equal share in the mog basket

See the website for the full details! http://mogbasket.rain-ffxiv.com I want everyone on this Discord to make sure they read over that page. Many of us certainly have the time now. In general, it won’t take long anyways.


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