Monsoon Bot Update(s)

Okashii posted on 2020-03-13T06:16:59.289000+00:00

Ok, I’ve finally worked on updating the Monsoon bot. I will be working more on the instructions for it in the near future, but you can see the preliminary instructions on the website under Information > Monsoon.

I simplified the code first of all.

But more importantly, multiple ‘elevated’ roles can now be assigned, and each one can have a separate list of roles that it grants permission for. If you have an elevated role, you will be able to assign/revoke its associated roles to/from other users.

Please be patient as there may be some bugs! I will work to ensure that if there are, they will get worked out.

If you are an Officer, go ahead and go to the (bot playground) channel and see what roles you can assign others by typing:


and go to the website and look for Monsoon under the Information tab to see how to assign and revoke roles.

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