Source code for all bots is available at:

Monsoon is a custom Discord bot being used on our Discord server ( I will work more on this page in the future, but for now, I will list its abilities with a brief description.

This command will print out information about the bot, including available commands. (or m.print_roles)

This command will compare the roles you are assigned on the server with a list of ‘elevated’ roles. For each of these elevated roles that you have, it will list the roles that you can assign to others. role name

This command allows you to assign a role to yourself. The role you wish to assign must be one that you have permission to self-assign. You can check this by typing without a role name.

m.request role name

This command will notify someone that you are requesting a role for yourself.

Example Usage:

m.request Behemoth Server
For instance, the above command will find a role that can assign others the Behemoth Server role and will notify them that you wish to be granted that role.

Go to the Discord Info page under the Information tab on this website to find out more about the roles on this server.

m.role @mention, role name {, revoke}

This command can grant a role to a specified user or revoke a role from them.

Example usage:
  • m.role @Okashii, Behemoth Server
    • Typing this would give the user Okashii the role Behemoth Server IFF you have the permission to edit that role for that user.
  • m.role @Okashii, Behemoth Server, revoke
    • This would take away the role Behemoth Server from Okashii IFF you have the permission to edit that role for that user.

This command takes “arguments.” Each “argument” is separated by a comma. DO NOT PUT THOSE BRACKETS {}. I put that there to indicate that a third argument is an optional argument.

If you put only 2 arguments, you will be granting a role to a user.

  • 1st argument is @mention which meants you should simply mention a user here and put a comma after the mention
  • 2nd argument is the name of the role you want to assign. It is currently case-sensitive. Whatever you type here after the first argument and first comma will get used to do a search for a match in the server roles as well as the assignable roles (aka the roles you can assign to others with this bot)

If you follow the second argument with a comma and a third argument, you will REMOVE the specified role from the user. For the third argument, just type the word revoke.

m.edit_role first role name, second role name {, revoke}

This command is for the Discord server’s administrator. Use this command to set the first role as an elevated role if not already and add the second role to the list of roles it is allowed to assign/revoke. Again, adding a third argument here revokes the second role from the first’s list of roles that it can assign/revoke.

Example usage:

m.edit_role Officers, Rain

This would allow Officers to assign or revoke the Rain role to/from other users.

m.edit_role Officers, Rain, revoke

This would strike the Rain role from the list of roles which Officers have permission to assign/revoke.


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