Okashii posted on 2023-06-05T06:11:13.123000+00:00

Happy Pride everyone! The past several years (and especially this year and last year), there’s been a lot of anti-LGBTQIA+ sentiment seeping into public discourse and finding its way into law in several states. It is more important than ever to make your voice heard! And it is more important than ever for allies to stand up with us, too! If you’re a “detached supporter,” consider becoming an ally this year! We need more allies! There’s a good guide to allyship at https://guidetoallyship.com/. It doesn’t cover everything, but it’s a great place to start.

We’ll be doing some events here and there this month, so be on the lookout!

Okashii posted on 2022-02-03T23:46:56.702000+00:00

We have a new logo/mascot in the works. The art is by our very own and very talented . He’s not quite finished, but I put a temporary preview of him up for our logo and banner.

His name is Sparkles. He’s the cutest, and he’s beyond my wildest expectations for him. He is kind of a translation of the Rain FC logo that exists in-game (FFXIV). Until now, we’ve only had tracings of that logo done by me, and that logo will stay on the FFXIV-exclusive pages. But now that we’ve grown to include so many different people, I’ve been doing updates to the website and such, and one update I really wanted was for us to have a really nice, real-looking fantasy dragon as our logo, and starvein went to work on it. I think she’s done an incredible job, and when she gets around to putting on the finishing touches, I’ll update the website and everything as well. (No rush, Star. There’s no hurry; I’m just excited lol).

So if you see starvein around, give her some well-deserved praise!

Okashii posted on 2021-10-21T08:55:55.126000+00:00

Due to our server growing so much in the last few years to include several different communities and such, I have purchased a new domain/domain forward. The old one and all of its forms (http://www.rain-ffxiv.com) will still work until at least 2026. The new one is https://www.rainonline.org. I feel that this is more appropriate for the server, and it doesn’t have a dash in it which is a plus. Links like https://discord.rainonline.org will work similar to how it does with the old domain. That means https://drive.rainonline.org, https://rules.rainonline.org, etc. etc. will work since I went in google domains and copied each one for the new domain lol.

Hope you guys like it! I will be updating information on the website and in discord to reflect this new change in the coming days!

Okashii posted on 2021-10-04T22:30:57.814000+00:00

Discord has added an Events log at the top of the channel list. Very convenient. I have opened that up for officers to add events! If you want it to appear on a calendar as well, you can still use the channel as well. It will not make a new event though in the new event thing, so you’d have to do both. I will see about what it would take to integrate this new thing with a google calendar later.

Okashii posted on 2021-09-18T17:19:42.342000+00:00

Officers! Please be aware that if you ‘Kick’ someone from voice chat… That does not simply kick them from the channel. That actually kicks them from the entire server! So please only use kick and ban for really egregious offenses. It’s kind of confusing in the context of voice chat, so try to keep this in mind. If you want someone out of the voice chat, you can move them into AFK or another channel. lOr server mute alnd server deafen them if lthey won’t stay out.