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Note: Server is set to automatically mute all text channel notifications except for @mentions and broadcast @s (everyone and here).

  • πŸ“ž General Voice Chat – General server voice chat room. Combination of all roles.
  • 😴 Voice AFK – General AFK channel for voice channels. No one can speak in this channel.


  • #announcements-for-officers – For Discord officers only
  • #news – @Okashii#0001 will post server news items here from time to time. These are fed to the website under news.
  • #πŸ—£-lodestone-updates – FFXIV lodestone announcements are fed into this channel automatically


  • #rules-and-about-us – EVERYONE IN THE FC, thinking of joining the FC, or who have access to this discord server should be familiar with our rules. If you disagree with them, then please contact me @Okashii#0001 or leave the server. In addition to the rules, this channel has our ‘About’ info.
  • #welcome-and-recruitment – Those with unassigned roles can access this page to request to join the FC or just the discord under an appropriate role; also lists people who join the channel.

FFXIV Community:

  • #rain-general – General chat for FFXIV, especially FC members
  • #officers-make-event – Used for officers to make events which should feed into the #events channel as well as the server’s calendar
  • #events – Discussions about FC events, anyone on this discord is welcome to join these and some may be outside of the game for those not on Behemoth/Primal Data Center
  • #πŸ› -crafting-requests-and-power-leveling – For convenience, only accessible to those with the Behemoth role. Here you can make requests of our crafters/gatherers; please provide a list from ffxivteamcraft.com for requests and include the role @Crafting/Gathering Requests in the message
  • #ffxiv-spoilers-beware – Spoilers for the game such as links to data mined info, discussions about new storylines, etc.
  • πŸ“ž FFXIV Voice Chat – Normal voice chat room

VRC Community:

  • #vrc-general – General chat for VRC players
  • #vrc-events – Simple events planning channel
  • #vrc-mic-alternative – For use by those who don’t have/don’t use/can’t use a mic.
  • #survival-games – A bunch of us play some survival games (Like Valheim, No Man’s Sky, etc. We just lumped all of these together under VRC since they don’t require much organizing and since we are all just a VRC group that play these games from time to time
  • πŸ“ž VRC Voice Chat – Voice chat room for VRC

Dungeons & Dragons Community:

  • #dnd-general – General text chat for D&D
  • #πŸ“‹-dnd-info – Channel for important D&D links, explanations, plannings, etc.
  • #πŸ“‹-dnd-journal – Record keeping for D&D sessions
  • #dnd-one-shots – For discussion about D&D one-shots
  • πŸ‰ D&D Voice Chat – Primary voice chat for D&D
  • D&D One-Shots – Alternate voice chat for D&D

Stardew Valley Community:

  • #stardew-general – General text chat for Stardew Valley players.
  • #πŸ“‹-stardew-setup – Information on server and mods used.
  • #stardew-resources – Links to tutorials, etc.
  • 🌽 Stardew Voice Chat – Voice chat for Stardew

Controls Channels: Consider adding extra notification settings to these channels

  • #music-controls – only accessible with DJ role, allows control of music bots in the voice channels
  • #bot-playground – catch-all bot channel. Mogpot bot can be used here. Try ->slap @someone’s user name here. Also used for general Monsoon bot commands.

There are other channels that are more specifically for a role or group of roles and are therefore hidden. This helps keeps everything clean and organized and helps -you- find the channels you’re most likely to want to access

Discord User Roles

Roles that can be requested via Monsoon Bot:

  • Rain – FC members.
  • Guest Starring – FC friends we just haven’t converted yet.
  • VRC – VRChat role
  • D&D – Dungeons and Dragons role
  • DJ (should be granted only temporarily) – can ask for temp or permanent; allows control of the music bots for voice channels.

Roles that can be self-assigned:

  • FFXIV – General FFXIV role
  • PartyTime – Plays jack box games occasionally and who knows what other screen share shenanigans
  • VRC – General VRC role
  • Crafting/Gathering Requests – Get notified of crafting/gathering requests, explanation + rules in a pinned message in #πŸ› -crafting-requests-and-power-leveling
  • Behemoth Server – For players who play FFXIV on the Behemoth server where our FC is.
  • Primal Data Center – For players who play on the Primal Data Center
  • Crystal Data Center – For players who play on the Crystal Data Center
  • Aether Data Center – For players who play on the Aether Data Center
  • Stardew – General role for Stardew Valley players
  • Vikings – General role for Valheim / survival game players.

Some Other Roles:

  • @Officers – Have some management controls on discord and officer ranks in FC
  • @Server Booster – For people who have boosted the server – no channels are hidden for those without this role. I think this showed up when I personally boosted the server?
  • @”Unverified – message Okashii” or NO ROLE ASSIGNED – No message history access, very limited role, may be kicked for house cleaning if no response to PMs
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