Rain Free Company

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About Us

Rain is a rank 30 FC looking for new members. We’re a small/medium, close community on the Behemoth server (Primal data center) looking to expand. We welcome everyone! We have a large mansion in the Goblet with everything in it. Buffs, chocobo feeding, all the perks.

We have some master crafters that can help you out too: leveling crafts, making gear, etc. We also have several members that can help with more difficult content, but we’re up for helping out with the easier content as well — it’s a tough queue life for dps in the dungeons after all

We use Discord. Don’t want to use voice? No worries; it is not required. The discord server is used a lot for text communication as well.

Please leave a message in the #welcome-and-recruitment channel if you’re thinking about joining our FC! Please also tag the role @Officers so that someone is sure to promptly notice your message!



Discord: @Okashii#0001
Email: oka@rain-ffxiv.com
Text/SMS: (256) 361-9664

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