FC Info

FC Roles (in game)

  • Rainmaker – Okashii Kazegane – FC leader
  • ADM Hailmaker – the right hand, practically the same settings as Rainmaker
    • Sebastian Kingsbury and his many characters + Okashii’s alts
  • Captain – Permissions to do stuff with FC buffs, spending points, activating airships, etc.
    • Noct Fafnir
    • Cynath Shyish
    • Hyou Windreaver
    • Kori Suoh
    • Crowe Armaros
    • Rose Slambert
    • Alice Schuberg (Alex)
  • Rain – This is the standard member rank
  • Droplet – for new members, temporary rank. If you are this rank and have been in the FC and at least somewhat active for 2 weeks, message me @Okashii#0001 or in game Okashii Kazegane.

I simplified the rankings a while back. I think this is a decent setting. If there’s any issues regarding rank and permissions, just let me know (for instance, seb got accidentally demoted back when I made the changes)

FC Buffs

If anyone needs an FC buff turned on but no officer is online to do it, send a message in #rain-general and tag @Officers. We are most likely able to initiate a buff between 4pm and 10pm central (chicago) time. If you know you’ll need a buff outside of that time slot, just tell someone in advance and we can put it up early. FC buffs last 24 hrs.

Here are the most worthwhile buffs in order of how commonly we have them up:

  1. The Heat of Battle II – +10% exp in battle
  2. Meat and Mead II – increases duration of food effects by ten minutes (good for savage/ultimate raiding)
  3. Earth and Water II – +10% EXP for gathering
  4. Jackpot II – +10% MGP payout (best during the summer event Make It Rain, but I will try to remember to do for the weekends at least sometimes)
  5. A Man’s Best Friend II – +15% EXP earned by chocobo (Good for map days for leveling chocobo)
  6. Helping Hand II – +10% EXP for crafting

The underlined ones also have a tier III equivalent that are even better, but these require FC crafting, time to mature, and inventory space so they are more difficult to deal with. Tier II buffs can simply be purchased at the GC in Limsa by anyone with an officer rank in the FC.

Discord info

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