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We have a new logo/mascot in the works. The art is by our very own and very talented . He’s not quite finished, but I put a temporary preview of him up for our logo and banner [on Discord only].

His name is Sparkles. He’s the cutest, and he’s beyond my wildest expectations for him. He is kind of a translation of the Rain FC logo that exists in-game (FFXIV). Until now, we’ve only had tracings of that logo done by me, and that logo will stay on the FFXIV-exclusive pages. But now that we’ve grown to include so many different people, I’ve been doing updates to the website and such, and one update I really wanted was for us to have a really nice, real-looking fantasy dragon as our logo, and starvein went to work on it. I think she’s done an incredible job, and when she gets around to putting on the finishing touches, I’ll update the website and everything as well. (No rush, Star. There’s no hurry; I’m just excited lol).

So if you see starvein around, give her some well-deserved praise!

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