Okashii posted on 2020-02-15T22:00:00.221000+00:00

This Discord channel () now is a special news channel. You can read messages here and add reactions; however, now only officers will be allowed to post messages here.

Here’s why: messages in this channel will now, via the Zapier bot, add a blog post to the website on the news page (http://news.rain-ffxiv.com). It’s a similar feature to officers being able to make calendar events that I added last night. This is all to help replace some functionality now that I migrated the site away from Guildworks.

Officers, keep in mind that if you respond to a message here, it’s going to create a new blog post out of your response, so maybe respond in a different channel. Also keep in mind it takes up to about 15 minutes for Zapier to grab the info and make a post, so it may not show up immediately. If you wish to remove a post, you’ll have to let me know because deleting it here will not delete it on the site.