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__A bit of news for **everyone**…__
1. The discord bot should be working now. I had to remove the Dropbox API calls, and I still don’t know why those won’t work other than Dropbox API sucks. Please review the help info I will be putting in the channel!
2. the channel for ffxiv is now read-only. I will be doing something similar for the channel in the future. It’s hard to find events in these channels because they aren’t getting pinned and people talk a lot.
3. you have permissions for making new events in the channel! Just type what the event is and when it will be and it will be added automatically (within about 15 min.) to the channel. It will also add the event to our calendar at http://calendar.rain-ffxiv.com. PLEASE do not make extraneous posts to the channel. It is strictly to make events, not to talk about them. Just use to talk about them!!
4. I archived Minecraft channels and Ark channels now that the servers are gone. The Ark servers weren’t worth paying for anymore since the server host company SUCKED so bad and kept the servers down all the time. And I put Minecraft in the archive because the person that was running that was kicked from this discord server. One of the VRC officers may be making a new one in the future, and if so, we’ll start with fresh channels.

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