Rainmakers Company

About Us

Rainmakers is a small but very active Syndicate Company. We’re looking to grow to conquer PvE and PvP game modes. However, we like growing at a sustainable pace where everyone knows each other and grows as friends.

We have people working on their crafting/gathering/refining as well as dungeons and PvP, so if you need some help, we’ll help you. Or if you have some tips to offer or feel like helping someone, feel free to share and help out. That’s how we roll.

We use Discord. Don’t want to use voice? No worries; it is not required. The discord server is used a lot for text communication as well.

Please leave a message in the #welcome-and-recruitment channel if you’re thinking about joining our Company! Please also tag the role @Officers so that someone is sure to promptly notice your message!



Discord: @Okashii#0001
Email: oka@rain-ffxiv.com
Text/SMS: (256) 361-9664

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