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Okashii’s PS4 Controller Binding


This controller setup requires weapon swap to be enabled ( and bound to the 1 key. (Updated 10/31/2021)

(Based on Psychodine’s healer controller setup with much more mapped for fuller control of character/game) steam://controllerconfig/1063730/2642648208

L2: Block

L1: Q Skill ; Hold for Screenshot

R2: Attack ; Hold for Heavy Attack

R1: R Skill ; Double Press for Left Control (Healer Self-Target); Hold for L Key

D Up: Tap Scroll Wheel Up (Scroll Up Menu, Zoom In) ; Double Press for 3 Slot Pot/Food ; Hold to Use Scroll Wheel Up Continuously

D Right: F1 (Accept Invite) ; Double Press for 4 Slot Pot/Food ; Hold for Fishing Rod

D Down: Tap Scroll Wheel Down (Scroll Down Menu, Zoom Out) ; Double Press for 5 Slot Pot/Food ; Hold to Use Scroll Wheel Down Continuously

D Left: Draw/Sheathe Weapon/Decline ; Double Press for 6 Slot Pot/Food ; Hold to Activate Voice

Triangle: Swap Weapon ; Hold for Emotes Menu

Circle: E Interact/Left Ctrl ; Double Press to Crouch

X: Jump ; Hold to Go Prone

Square: F Skill

Share: Menu ; Hold to Enable PVP ; Double Press for N (Furnishing Menu, Pay Taxes)

Options: Toggle Fast Mouse/Fast Turning; Hold for Inventory

L3: Dodge ; Hold and Press R3 to Hide HUD

R3: Interact with Player, Autorun ; Double Press or Hold for Middle Mouse Button (Place Markers)

Left Side of Touchpad: Map

Right Side of Touchpad: B (Furniture Menu)

Crafting Leveling Tool/Guide

Enemy Weakness Chart

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