Mog Basket

The Mog Basket!

Please note that the Mog Basket event is currently not active!

Welcome to the page for the Mog Basket! This page will outline what the Mog Basket is, how to get a share of what’s in the basket, and where to donate to the basket to make to make a larger pool for the participaters!



What is the Mog Basket?

The Mog Basket is a way of getting everyone to participate in something to help bring us together in some way while we physically isolate ourselves (where possible).

Ok, what’s in the basket?

There’s an activity to complete every day for a week. EVERYONE, I mean literally EVERYONE, who does this activity for at least 3 days between March 16, 2020 and March 28, 2020 will get an EQUAL SHARE in the basket money. So, if the basket total is $200.00 and 20 people participate, everyone would get $10 dollars.

If you get a share, the way it’s distributed to you is mostly your choice. Amazon gift card? Paypal transfer? There’s even websites that will collect and deliver groceries in many towns and cities that the money can be added to. We’ll figure it out together.

What’s this activity I need to do?

It’s really simple. Fill out the information on the form every day. Basically, its just letting everyone know how you’re doing, making sure we’re all doing well or staying connected with people even though many of us are self-isolating or quarantined.

It’s not required for the basket shares, but DO ask people how they’re holding up. Maybe talk to people about what they’ve entered on the sheet too (you can view it at The sheet is really just a launching point, maybe something to get you thinking about how you’re really doing right now or maybe something to get you thinking about how others are handling the situation.

What if I want to participate with everyone but don’t really care about getting a share of the basket?

Hey, that’s fine too! Just let me know. You can private message me on discord or email me at to let me know! Consider making a donation to the basket if you would like to as well!

Keep in mind that I would like to keep it private who accepts or declines their share! The total number of people who accept their shares will be announced at the end.

How can I donate to the basket?

There’s a form for pledging an amount: The donations won’t actually be collected until the day the shares are distributed. Keep in mind that form responses and donations and amounts are private. The total of all donations will be announced as well as the total number of people who donated.

Donations are in USD. Preferably, donations will be made through Paypal, but there are likely some other options as well.

The total amount in the basket will be announced on Wednesday March 25, 2020, and if more donations are made after that date, there will be another announcement on the following Saturday.

Please be prepared to donate when the time comes if you pledge a donation!

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