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Okashii’s Crafter References

Okashii’s Current Crafting Rotations:
Usually these are self-made rotations or modified versions of rotations I’ve found so that I can be lazier on melds.

Okashii’s Current Crafting Gear + Melds:
I usually go with pretty cheap melds and make my own rotation or modify other rotations to fit my needs:

Diadem Mob Drops

Controller Hotbar Copy for Crafters

This can be used for controller users to set their skills on all of their crafters once they set them on one crafter. I use this a lot to update my bars to include new macros or newly released abilities.

Part 1:
/crosshotbar copy WVR 1 BSM 1
/crosshotbar copy WVR 1 LTW 1
/crosshotbar copy WVR 1 ARM 1
/crosshotbar copy WVR 1 GSM 1
/crosshotbar copy WVR 1 CRP 1
/crosshotbar copy WVR 1 ALC 1
/crosshotbar copy WVR 1 CUL 1
/crosshotbar copy WVR 2 BSM 2
/crosshotbar copy WVR 2 LTW 2
/crosshotbar copy WVR 2 ARM 2
/crosshotbar copy WVR 2 GSM 2
/crosshotbar copy WVR 2 CRP 2
/crosshotbar copy WVR 2 ALC 2
/crosshotbar copy WVR 2 CUL 2

Part 2:
/crosshotbar copy WVR 4 BSM 4
/crosshotbar copy WVR 4 LTW 4
/crosshotbar copy WVR 4 ARM 4
/crosshotbar copy WVR 4 GSM 4
/crosshotbar copy WVR 4 CRP 4
/crosshotbar copy WVR 4 ALC 4
/crosshotbar copy WVR 4 CUL 4
/crosshotbar copy WVR 3 BSM 3
/crosshotbar copy WVR 3 LTW 3
/crosshotbar copy WVR 3 ARM 3
/crosshotbar copy WVR 3 GSM 3
/crosshotbar copy WVR 3 CRP 3
/crosshotbar copy WVR 3 ALC 3
/crosshotbar copy WVR 3 CUL 3

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(ignore the stupid panty-shot avatar; wow that’s cringe)

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