DoH/DoL Requests

Making Crafting/Gathering Requests

Use this form to make a request:

This form can be used to make a crafting or gathering request. Please provide a link to a list on I will be updating lists on the FC ffxivteamcraft workshop (, so you may be able to pull a list from there. Otherwise, lists are fairly easy to make and will save everyone some time and effort.

Generally, if a craft requires tome items (and sometimes if it requires scrip items and/or aethersands), the crafter will want you to provide these (usually at normal quality). Otherwise, let us know what mats you plan to provide. You can do this either by marking them on the list (copy the list to your profile to mark the items you gathered) or put them in the brief description on this form.

Tome Items, Scrip Items, and Aethersands

If the crafter requires tome items:

Tome items can be purchased with tomes at the current vendor currently in Eulmore (10.3,11.8). It will be in the middle of the menu and will say (Other) to the side.

If the crafter requires scrip items and/or aethersands:

Scrip items can be purchased at the Scrip Exchange, currently at Eulmore (11.5,10.8). Scrip items will be in the crafters’ scrip exchange and where it says Items either in the yellow or white section. The most recent Scrip item required for 5.2 crafted battle gear AND crafter gear is the Sublime Solution under the White Crafters’ Scrip Exchange (Lv. 80 Items) menu.

Aethersands can also be purchased here under the Gatherers’ scrip exchange menu. These can also be gathered at special nodes called Ephemeral nodes.

Scrips and Aethersands can also be purchased on the marketboard.

Power Leveling Crafters

If you are requesting to be power leveled on your crafters, note that this generally starts around level 20, and there’s a guide for items to turn in for each crafter and level at

Crafting Workshop

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